Cat Boarding Facilities

Cat boarding facilities at Stephen Terrace Veterinary Clinic provide hygienic, comfortable and safe residence for short, medium and long-term boarders. Our Cat Shacks’ multilevel design allows cats to fulfill their natural desire to climb, perch and sleep above floor level, while separating litter trays, food and water bowls from these resting areas. The design allows for cats from multi-cat households to each have their own facility but the opening of inter-leading doors allows association between familiar cats if and when appropriate.


The front doors are constructed of clear polycarbonate, allowing direct visualisation of our boarders at all times from the nursing station. The facility is staffed by trained veterinary nurses who are responsible for the twice daily feeding and cleaning of our “tenants”. All cats are fed premium balanced diets, but individuals with special nutritional requirements or those on prescription diets are easily catered for. Any cats on medication are treated in accordance with the owner admission instructions, whether they be one of our patients or under treatment by another clinic. Any cat displaying evidence of illness will be placed on the duty veterinarian’s examination list for the day. No testing or treatment is undertaken without prior owner notification. Please feel free to call our reception and discuss your requirements.





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