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STVC is passionate about providing exemplary care (via our clients) to our patients, in order that they may live quality, healthy, comfortable and lengthy lives. We all know that our animals age more quickly than we humans. For example, one dog or cat year equates to seven human years. The cornerstone of any lifelong healthcare plan is based on regular health checks, relevant to their age and stage of life.

All health care at STVC is based around our healthcare (or wellness) consultation. These are performed twice yearly. Some services are combined with these visits, eg. when your pet’s vaccination falls due. If there are concerns which require extra support; further visits, consultations or hospital services can be scheduled appropriately.


Routine consultations are performed during our advertised hours. These provide an opportunity to discuss any health issues, behavioural problems or preventative strategies relative to your pet. It is during these times that sick patients are attended to, routine health checks are performed and the relevant vaccinations given.


Vaccination protects your dog against potentially fatal Parvovirus as well as Distemper, Hepatitis and highly contagious Canine Cough. We recommend protection from an early age to avoid these life threatening diseases. With the latest advances we are able to vaccinate less frequently which is a positive for your pet!
Cats also need protection from Feline Enteritis, Cat Flu and FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and are recommended from 8 weeks of age. An annual booster is required. For further information please call our veterinary nursing team and they will answer any questions you may have.


Microchipping your pet provides you with a permanent identification for your well loved family member. This permanent identification – a unique number embedded in the tiny silicone coated coil - links your address and contact details to a national pet registry. The number in effect becomes your pet’s fingerprint and guarantees a fail safe identification for its lifetime. Even the best loved and cared for pets can escape, stray or be stolen from their homes and become lost. If collars and tags come off, or become worn or unreadable, the conventional identification is immediately lost. Stephen Terrace Veterinary Clinic highly recommends owners use this simple tool to help avoid the heartache which we are sure so many can relate to.

Our veterinarians can inject the microchip under your pet’s skin at the scruff of the neck in a few moments – just like a vaccination. You complete a registration form with relevant contact details which we forward to the national registry. Detecting the presence of a microchip with its unique number is easily achieved with a scanner. Today most veterinary clinics and hospitals, animal refuges and welfare agencies own appropriate scanning devices.

Our microchips are also heat sensitive which allows us to obtain your pet’s current temperature at the time of scanning. No more rectal thermometers! For further information regarding microchipping your pet please call the clinic today on 08 8362 6688.

ArrowParasite Prevention

There are many parasites that can both irritate and be detrimental to your pet’s health. With so many products available; with varied effectiveness and pricing, we strongly recommend you speak with one of the STVC veterinary team to achieve the best outcome for your pet.


We recommend castration (removing testicles) and spaying (complete removal of ovaries and uterus) to prevent the many hormonal related health concerns in your pet. It will also prevent unwanted mating and litters. The surgery is performed in our sterile theatre as a day procedure and includes, pre-anaesthetic blood testing, IV fluids, the surgery itself and all post operative follow-up visits.


There is a huge and at times confusing range of super-premium pet food available. Our policy has always been to use Australian made wherever possible. We are proud to endorse the Australian made Advance range. We stock the full range and also have a frequent feeder program where you are rewarded with free product after repeat purchases. We also stock veterinary prescription diets which are prescribed by the veterinary team as required.

ArrowSenior Pet Profile

This comprehensive senior profile is performed as a day procedure. It includes a full health examination, blood test, urine test, eye pressure and tear test, blood pressure monitoring and hydro-bath. We provide this package at a heavily discounted rate compared to having these tests performed separately. These results are provided as a high quality document for your permanent record. These provide an excellent reference for future investigation if and when required.

ArrowWeight Loss Clinic : Slimmers @ Stephen

Our initiative to help keep your pet happy and healthy, Slimmers @ Stephen weight loss club is supported by Hill's Pet Nutrition, and gives you the support and guidance you need to help your pet shed those few extra kilos.

Given that obesity is the most common nutritional disorder seen in cats and dogs, and research has shown that overweight pets are more likely to suffer from conditions such as diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes), heart disease, skin and joint problems, Slimmers @ Stephen is the perfect motivation to get your pet from flab to fab and enjoying a better lifestyle today.


Dog Click Here for the Body Condition System for Dogs.


Cats Click Here for the Body Condition System for Cats.

ArrowGrooming Facilities

Grooming facilities are available at Stephen Terrace Veterinary Clinic. Our nurses are trained to advise on appropriate shampoo and or conditioning regimes for your pet, but our veterinarians are always available to prescribe specific medicated treatments as part of the management of any sensitive skin, eczema or dermatitis cases. Bookings are essential.


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Client Testimonial

I have a long client relationship with Dr Angus Brown and the team at Stephen Terrace Vet Clinic. I first met Angus in '95 when I moved into the area. I am extremely impressed by Angus' skills as a vet and his compassion.

I feel absolute trust with Angus and his team. I feel it is such a family atmosphere and that the team genuinely care about my cat family and me. I think so highly of them I have introduced my sister as a client and she feels the same about the team and care that I do.

I would recommend the vets, team and practice to any animal lover who wants the best ongoing and preventative care for their animal family member/s. They will always be honest with you and help you and your animals at all stages of their life.

Ruth, Adelaide


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