Endoscopy has been used broadly in human medicine as a diagnostic tool for years. The use of endoscopes have also become more routine in veterinary practice.

Endoscopy involves insertion of a fibre optic tube into a space (eg stomach, throat, nose, intestine, rectum, joint) to examine the organ or tissue area being explored. At times we may collect tissue samples (eg biopsy tissue) to assist in the diagnosis of various diseases or illnesses.

For our pets, this almost without exception, requires a general anaesthetic. Endoscopy, can at times provide enough information by what we see, or via the collection of samples, so that we might be able to avoid a full exploratory surgery. When we can do this, recovery times from this type of procedure are usually shorter and less painful.

Please call the practice on 08 8362 6688 to discuss whether endoscopy may be an option for your pet.