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Slimmers @ Stephen :
Stephen Terrace Veterinary Clinic
Weight Loss Programme

Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder seen in cats and dogs. Overweight pets have a tendency to have shorter lives. We want your pets to be happy, healthy, active and comfortable for as many years as possible.

Research has shown that overweight pets are much more likely to suffer from conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus (sugar diabetes), heart disease, skin and joint problems.

Weight Loss Clinic : Slimmers at Stephen

Slimmers @ Stephen provides owners with support and the perfect motivation to get your pet from flab to fab and enjoying a better lifestyle today.

Don’t be embarrassed to open the conversation. You are most certainly not alone and we are here to support your quest for your pet’s trim and terrific waistline!

Please call 08 8362 6688 to discuss S@S or make sure you ask one of our team when you next visit the practice.