Stephen Terrace Veterinary Clinic has a comprehensive range of Wellbeing Services to help keep your furry friends in their best shape.

Wellbeing Services - Vaccinations


Appropriate up to date vaccination protocols are a cornerstone of health care for your pet.
Wellbeing Services - Microchipping


Microchipping your pet provides you with a permanent identification for your 4 legged family member.
Wellbeing Services - Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention

It’s vital that for our pets, and us, to have a comprehensive and appropriate parasite prevention in place for our dogs and cats.
Wellbeing Services - New Pet Checklists

New Pet Checklists

Are you welcoming a new puppy or new kitten into your home? We have pet checklists to make sure you’re prepared for your new family member.
Wellbeing Services - Puppy Preschool

Puppy Prechool

The aim of puppy preschool is to help owners teach their puppy to become a well mannered and happy member of the family .
Wellbeing Services - Senior Wellness Plans

Senior Wellness Plans

Our comprehensive Senior Pet Profile is performed as an inpatient day procedure.
Wellbeing Services - Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

To make sure your pet is covered for every situation, we strongly recommend pet insurance from an early age.
Wellbeing Services - Nutrition and Pet Merchandise

Nutrition and Pet Merchandise

Our team will provide comprehensive advice on nutrition and merchandise, based on your individual pet’s needs.

Bookings can be made online 24 hours a day, or by phoning (08) 8362 6688 during our opening hours. Please advise us about any particular concerns when booking your appointment.  If you are a first time client, please complete the online registration below. We request new clients arrive 10 minutes early with any relevant notes and certificates in order to complete the registration process.

Consultations provide an opportunity to discuss health issues, behavioural problems or preventative strategies relative to your pet. It is during these times that sick patients are attended to, routine health checks are performed and the relevant vaccinations given.