Stephen Road Vet has a variety of veterinary surgery services available for your pet. Your pet will be in the very best of hands with us.

Surgical Services - Desexing


From 1st July 2018, it is now law in South Australia that all dogs and cats not registered for breeding need to be desexed by 6 months of age.
Surgical Services - Pet Dentistry

Pet Dentistry

Your pet’s teeth and oral hygiene are important to us. It is well known that pets live longer healthier, less painful lives, when they have a healthy mouth.
Surgical Services - Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery

Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr Angus Brown and his veterinary colleagues, together have a broad range of surgical skills, and perform all routine and many more complex procedures, including soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures.

Bookings can be made online 24 hours a day, or by phoning (08) 8362 6688 during our opening hours. Please advise us about any particular concerns when booking your appointment.  If you are a first time client, please complete the online registration below. We request new clients arrive 10 minutes early with any relevant notes and certificates in order to complete the registration process.

Consultations provide an opportunity to discuss health issues, behavioural problems or preventative strategies relative to your pet. It is during these times that sick patients are attended to, routine health checks are performed and the relevant vaccinations given.