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Final Care

Helping pet owners to say goodbye to a family member is one of the most important things we do at Stephen Terrace Veterinary Clinic. We call this Final Care.

We regard it as a huge honour to help pets make these final steps with grace and dignity. While this is indeed part of the cycle of life, every situation is different and owners and family may have varying ideas as to what is best for them and their beloved pet.

Whenever possible we try to tailor this process to best support everybody. Consequently we provide a range of options. If practical we like to be able to discuss this process with you, prior to the event itself. Frequently owners seek our guidance in deciding what is best. Sometimes owners need support to decide who will be present when the time comes, including other family pets. 

Stephen Terrace Vet Clinic - Home Pet Euthanasia

Modern veterinary medications allow us to offer a slower, more peaceful transition with gentle sedation, calming medications and even full anaesthesia before we proceed with a final overdose of a very strong anaesthetic.  

Some people prefer for their pets to be able to avoid the stress of coming into the practice this last time. We proudly offer and recommend home euthanasia to enable this very emotional time to occur in the privacy of your own home.

We have a strategic alliance with the Animal Welfare league of South Australia (AWL), who can provide both private cremations where ashes can be returned to you, as well as communal cremation where pets are cremated together and their ashes are dispersed by AWL. Their team provide a compassionate and professional service and treat all pets with appropriate dignity.


Please call the practice at (08) 8362 6688 to speak with one of our team members for advice and guidance on this very important component of veterinary care.